Stroud Personal Training Testimonials: Read what some of my clients say about me…

Pete has changed my life immeasurably over the past 18 months. A reliable, trustworthy and all round great guy he has pushed and motivated me towards realising my goals and recapturing my mojo. Long may it continue….just want to say thank you.
Following Pete’s advice on exercise and nutrition I have on my 28th week lost 4 stone 12 lbs, dropped 55inches in total and my body fat percentage has dropped by a massive 15 per cent. When I think back to the first weeks with Pete I struggled through what seemed like an eternity but be for I knew it 6 weeks had gone by. Each session was tough but I was feeling more energized. By the end of the first six weeks I was hooked. Even though each session is still challenging Pete motivates and guides me to achieve new things. Pete knows what I am capable of and will not let me quit. He keeps me motivated and pushes me through, which was/is just what I need. Now six months later I was shocked to discover that I actually have a waist. There is a good variety of exercises and Pete has no trouble coming up with new ideas to challenge you. Pete also helps me stay on track by encouraging me to make the right choices during our sessions and throughout the day.
Don’t just think Pete can help with fitness or weight loss. I have lost weight and inches, but as a by-product of gaining strength and flexibility in my leg following a major hip replacement, which was the main reason for contacting Pete. Pete is friendly, motivational and flexible. Weekends, early mornings or an evening seem no problem. His nutritional, fitness and muscular knowledge are exceptional, and for good measure, chuck in great value for money.
Pete has been my Personal Trainer for a year now and I still thoroughly enjoy my weekly sessions. I chose Pete because of his Pilates qualification and wanted some one-to-one sessions to improve a back problem I have. After a couple of months of intensive focus on that area, I noticed a big improvement and so we started working on my general fitness and strength. A year later I am enjoying it as much as ever. I always feel great after a session
If you’re looking for a personal trainer that will work with you in a kind, but challenging way, Pete is most definitely your man. I am the complete opposite of sporty, and don’t even know what the inside of a gym looks like! Seven months ago, my wife signed up for 3 sessions a week with Pete, and after a month, I was persuaded to join in too. Within a very short time, I could feel the harm of doing a sedentary job being unwound – slower resting pulse, lower blood pressure, more energy, trimmer all round! Training as a couple works well for us, and we never know what routine or new exercise we’ll have to do when he comes, but it is always challenging and fun – we do laugh a lot! Pete is extremely knowledgeable and well qualified as a personal trainer, and will also discuss sustainable diet choices with you if you are looking to lose weight. If you’re want to get fit but dreading making a start, do give Pete a call. You’ll be glad you did.
Fantastic fitness coach, really helpful and encouraging in all aspects. Also nutrition and wellbeing is very useful.
Good for all levels and enjoyable workout
I contacted Pete for help getting back into shape after the birth of my second child, and to regain a degree of fitness before heading out to France for five months working and snowboarding. We started training when my son was about 6 weeks old and I had absolutely no core strength at all, in fact I had no strength anywhere after a year of very little exercise. After 3 months of training I felt completely different – my strength had returned! Pete totally understood what I wanted from training and created the perfect combination of personal training and pilates for me. He puts a lot of thought into his classes and every session is different, he makes training fun and enjoyable.
I worked with Pete for almost 3 months to help me lose weight and improve my fitness. The thing I have always struggled with is motivation, but not when Pete’s visiting!! He came twice a week for a very reasonable price and had a different, challenging workout planned for each and every session. I didn’t just lose weight though, he also taught me about diet and how to take on those difficult days when all I wanted to do was give up. I only stopped training with Pete because we moved to Cornwall and I have continued to stay in contact with him as he is still offering me as much support as he can from afar. I really miss our sessions and so if you ever move to Cornwall, I will be the first to sign up! I can’t recommend him enough!!
I have been training with Pete for almost two years and can honestly say that even after all this time he still motivates and challenges me to better myself. No two sessions are the same and he has pushed me to work my hardest, showing an ongoing belief that I can always improve and do more even when I doubt myself. With Pete’s ongoing encouragement, commitment, experience, skill and good sense of humour he has helped me to make really positive changes to my lifestyle to be the person I want to be. In the process Pete has helped me to loose almost four dress sizes, feel fitter and be so much more confident.
Having not done much exercise for such a long time and wanting to tone up and lose some weight I enlisted the help of Pete Heaven. I explained to Pete what my goals were. I found him to be a very understanding and helpful young man. I am seven weeks into my programme now and have toned up and lost a stone and I feel so much better for having done so. I can even wear a dress now something I haven’t done in a while as not felt comfortable about doing so. Pete always does something different every week so you are not doing the same thing over and over again which I love. If you think personal training is easy it’s not but you have to be committed and dedicated to getting the results you want to achieve and if you are willing to do this at the end of the day it’s you yourself that will benefit.