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Welcome to Stroud Personal Training. I’m Pete Heaven an enthusiastic and highly motivated Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor working in the Stroud area. I want to help you reach your goals whilst laying the foundations of a healthy lifestyle.

Training sessions can take place at your home or depending on the weather, in the garden or a local park. I do not need much space, so long as you have room for an exercise mat I can build you an exercise programme. I bring a full range of portable equipment including steps, kettlebells, medicine balls, weights, bands and punch pads.

Advantages of having a Personal Trainer that comes to you…

  • Better value for money – The training takes place where you want so there will be no distractions from other trainers or gym members. The focus will be on you and your goals.
  • Saves you time – With me travelling to you, you do not need to make time for travelling either side of the training sessions. Leaves your time free for other important things.
  • Less likely to miss sessions – With me coming to you, you are less likely to cancel sessions and as a result increase your chances of achieving your goals.

Stroud Personal Training Free Consultation

At your free consultation we discuss goals and targets. I then devise an exercise and healthy nutrition programme to suit your exact requirements. The exercise programme will be safe, progressive and as enjoyable as I can make it!

Peter Heaven Stroud Personal Training
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“Following Pete’s advice on exercise and nutrition I have on my 28th week lost 4 stone 12 lbs, dropped 55inches in total and my body fat percentage has dropped by a massive 15 per cent.”
Alison, Stonehouse